Thursday, 27 March 2014

Free guitar patches for Propellerhead Reason!

The Line6 bass and guitar rigs for Propellerhead Reason

Hello again!

After the success of the 'Rock and Metal Drums ReFill Vol.1' that I released a while back I have decided to follow that up with a set of guitar patches for you all to try. Rather that releasing this in the form of a ReFill, this time the download is in the form of just a Reason file with the patches all lined up in it for you.

The reason for doing this is that some of the patches are wah devices and include the automation lanes for the wah effect within the file. Also, whilst all of the patches are based in a Reason audio track, some of them use audio tracks paired up with Propellerhead Combinator patches built on the Line6 guitar rig (I've used the 'Thrash Metal Rig' one, but toned it down a bit). I could have built all the effects into Combinator patches and then released that as just a single unit, but I wanted to make these patches as accessible as possible to everyone. So no loading up patches or connecting things up to different audio channels then having to automate the wah yourself.

With these patches you just plug your guitar in, select the patch you want and off you go. If you want to then use these in Reason projects rather than just for practicing with then you can copy and paste them over to your tracks in the usual way.

A screenshot of some of the patches in this free download.

I have just used a single instance of each patch, panned down the middle in the download, but if you are going to use them to record then a quick tip on how to get a good sound on record would be to create four instances of each patch. Then pan two left and two right. Then record yourself playing the same part twice and paste a copy of each on the two left and two right channels. Then on either the left or right channels add a delay unit to both tracks and set the delay time to something very short and snappy. This won't sound like delay because of the really short time you are using on, but it will have the effect of thickening the sound up a lot.

If that sounds a bit too complicated if you are a beginner, just playing back two copies of the same part simultaneously will make the guitar sound much thicker without the delay trick and has been a standard recording studio technique going right back to the days of Les Paul himself.

If you are a beginner guitar player and you aren't sure that you have the chops yet to play the same part twice and have it sound good then you can always just use multiple copies of the same take to get a fatter recorded sound. This doesn't work nearly as well as using different takes, but whilst you are improving it will still make your recordings sound better.

If you are using these patches purely for practicing because you don't have an amp or because you want something to play through headphones late at night then you are in the same boat as me. I've got an Engl 50 watt valve amp with a 2x12 cab in my music room, but the head on it is broken at the minute and I've not got round to fixing it for over year. Also I can't use that late at night anyway, so having a computer based option is ideal for me.

An Engl 2x12 cab.

If I'm practicing I use a similar technique to that outlined above. I create four instances of the same patch, then pan two left and two right. Then I click the little green speaker icon on all four audio tracks so that they all go into monitor mode at the same time. This is a great trick for getting a really fat lead sound.

A lot of the patches use the traditional British 'smile' shaped EQ. This means there is a lot of bass and a lot of treble, but the mid range has been cut right down, giving the above 'smile' shape. The 'smile' EQ has been a stalwart of heavy rock and metal since the 1970's and is favoured by bands such as Metallica and Motorhead. Using this particular shape gives a really fat sound that is great for the down picked 'chugga chugga' rhythm style of someone like James Hetfield, but like a lot of things in music whether you like it or not depends on personal taste and what you are recording.

The 'smile' shaped EQ.

If you decided that this preset sounds too sludgy then you can always change it to something you prefer. At the other extreme from the smile shaped EQ is the Dave Mustaine EQ, which is lots and lots of mid range and treble. He didn't invent this EQ setting but he is where I got the idea from. Going crazy on the mid range can give you a really angry, barking guitar sound when playing metal type riffs. It can really bring your playing to life and I think is essential to bringing guitar solos to life. It can sound a bit tinny though for rhythm parts so then getting a good bass recording in your tracks becomes important to compensate.

To take advantage of the wah effect drawn into the automation lanes, all you need to do is press play. The 'Another Brick in the wall' patch uses 'Curve' automation from a Matrix instance to provide the swirly, gentle wah heard on Dave Gilmour's rhythm playing on that track. To activate this you can either press play in the Reason track or press the 'Run Pattern Devices' on the Combinator instead.

Some of the wah automation included in this download.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these patches. They are all built from standard Reason devices (no Rack Extensions) to make them as accessible as possible. The only thing in there that some people might not have is the 'Audiomatic' Rack Extension that comes free with Reason 7. If you aren't on Reason 7 though you will still be able to use these patches, you will just see a place holder where the 'Audiomatic' should be within the patch. The download link can be found here.

Please remember to interact and leave feedback if you have enjoyed using them and hopefully I will get some time in the future to release some more if these prove to be popular.



  1. download link does not work

  2. Hi, yes sorry about that. I have fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. How to open the patchfile? I only got Reason 5 and want to open the patches.reason

    1. how about buy reason instead of pirating it ;)

  4. I'm not pirating it. You have to buy a copy of Reason to use my patches. How about thinking before you speak?

  5. Hey Chris, I can't seem to download the file. The link does take me to a Dropbox link, but clicking download doesn't seem to do anything. Any ideas? :)